What is wrong with this picture?

What is wrong with this picture?

Updated: November 9, 2020

What can we do to grow our Odd Fellows Lodge?

What can we do to grow our Odd Fellows Lodge?

Updated: January 17, 2021To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of "Dedicated Members for Change" we are re-publishing some of our articles from past years. Today, we offer an article that was published in the DMC Newsletter on January 19, 2013 - eight...

The Illustrated History of Odd Fellowship

The Illustrated History of Odd Fellowship

Updated: January 11, 2021 The Odd Fellows Dedicated Members for Change (DMC) celebrated its 10-year anniversary last month and we have been recognizing that milestone by re-publishing some articles from past DMC Newsletters. The following article was first published...

10 Helpful Hints to Bring New Members into the Odd Fellows

10 Helpful Hints to Bring New Members into the Odd Fellows

Updated: December 29, 2020Season's Greetings to all. We celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Dedicated Members for Change (DMC) of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) by re-publishing some of our articles which appeared in this DMC Newsletter over the last...

Dear Dedicated Members for Change,

Recently, I received an email from a long-time and active member of our Order (and of DMC), who resides in a state other than California. I will not reveal the member’s name, or gender, or Lodge to protect the member’s privacy. The member told me the following:

I resigned my membership from my lodge today.

The Noble Grand belittled me in front of my family. This type of treatment caused me to drop out of the Lodge completely.

All the best, sorry to have to give you notice on a sad note. But I will no longer be a member.

All The Best,

This is one of the sadder notes that I have received since we organized DMC ten years ago. The letter-writer goes on to say that he/she has brought in many new members into the Odd Fellows Lodge including the member’s spouse and son – but the Noble Grand was antagonistic to these new members. Apparently, the Noble Grand felt that new members brought change to a Lodge and the Noble Grand was resistant to any change which would alter the status quo to which he has grown accustomed.

There are several things very wrong with this picture.

First, we see the abject failure of that Odd Fellow Lodge’s Noble Grand to exercise the most basic teachings of Odd Fellowship – in particular of the First Degree of Friendship. We have all come into contact with Odd Fellows who act like that Noble Grand, haven’t we? These are people who are often rude or abrupt. They have their way of doing things, and if you don’t like it then too bad – it’s either their way or the highway.

Second, and perhaps even worse, we see the Noble Grand’s conduct played out in public – in fact, acted out right in front of the member’s family. It’s one thing to be rude in private – that’s bad enough. However, it’s geometrically worse to be rude in public, particularly in front of another member’s family.

Third, we see a Noble Grand who is acting as the chief gravedigger at the funeral of his own Lodge. New members are the lifeblood of a Lodge. The status quo is nothing to covet – it is merely a slow demise. An Odd Fellow Lodge’s viability is limited by the lifetimes of its members. It’s really just simple math. A Lodge that fails to bring in new members at least commensurate with departing members is a Lodge on a slow spiral to oblivion. What this Noble Grand seems to ignore is the simple fact that every single member of his Lodge was once a “new member”. Even the Noble Grand was a new member at one point in time.

Rather than criticize a member for being interested in new members, a Noble Grand would be well served in praising members who bring in that essential source of the Lodge’s future viability.

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Past Grand Master
Jurisdiction of California
Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF)

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