Breakfast with Santa bring the Holidays to downtown Davis

On December 10, 2016, Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169 hosted it’s 11th annual “Breakfast with Santa” at the Lodge Hall. Some 360 children, parents and grandparents, enjoyed a home-cooked breakfast, quality time with Santa, a goodie-packed packed with gifts and surprises, and a stuffed animal. Happy faces and smiles all around. Over 35 members and applicants for membership to the Davis Lodge provided the volunteer support for this very popular event. Tickets to Breakfast with Santa sold out in two weeks. Special thanks to our long-time Santa, Doug Hatton. And thank you again to long-time co-chairs Lea Rosenberg and Barb Geisler for another successful event.

A Thank You For a Wonderful Breakfast with Santa

Dear Odd Fellows and Pledges,

BreakfastWithSantaSingers20131214Well, we just completed another successful Breakfast with Santa (BWS). This was our Eighth year organizing, sponsoring and hosting this event at the Lodge. On behalf of my co-chair Barb Geisler and myself, THANK YOU to all the volunteers and helpers who made this a great success. This is a fun event but also a huge event to coordinate! But Odd Fellows and Pledges really stepped up to help in many big and little ways.

BreakfastWithSantaFriends20131214All 360 tickets to this year’s BWS were sold out in just 8 days! This is an all-time record for rapid sales. The children and parents who attended had a wonderful time. I heard nothing but compliments to the Odd Fellows for hosting this event. We handled three separate seatings for BWS. We received a lot of good publicity in the community for the Odd Fellows Lodge.

We also raised $7,000 from BWS this year – an all-time record. $3,250 of that was from ticket sales, and the remaining $3,750 came from our financial sponsors. These funds will be used to benefit foster children and former foster children.

Thank you to the following Odd Fellows for their great work on this event:

Doug Hatton – the world’s best Santa
Sharla Cheney – volunteer coordinator
Dave Rosenberg – volunteer wrangler, bookkeeper, place mats and publicity
Rea Nakanishi – head cook
Steve Lopez – head cook
Brian Sipp – cook
Amy Hodam – cook
Dody Black – music
Renee Liston – designer of the tickets and flier
Barbara Geisler – coordinator of 190 goodie bags and buyer of supplies

And to the volunteers during the shifts who helped move food, serve, set tables, clean up, etc:

BreakfastWithSanta20131214Tim Ainsworth
Solveig Monson
Val Dolcini
Glenn Mounkes
Salie Yin
Jonathan Raven
JuDee Archuleta
Nicole Chaffee
Alekka Fullerton
Michael Fullerton
Graham Fullerton
Annie Fullerton
Elsie Fullerton
Arun Sen
Mike Cabral
Margie Cabral
Joyce Trujillo
Vita Salmieri
Kumar Sah
JoAnne Hokanson
Mary Superak
Peter Pascoe
Melinda Hillis
Shyamli Sah

Thanks to the “scullery crew” who helped on major clean-up after the event:

Mark Rutheiser
Bob Schelen
Cesar Morales
Amanda Schwabe

Also, thank you to the folks who helped us set up the Lodge before the event or helped put BWS supplies away after the event:

Debbie Friend – super head decorator
Christopher Young
Jessica Sneeden
Valerie Ranns
Rea Nakanishi
Michelle Kellogg
Joyce Trujillo
Peter Pascoe

Thank you to Common Grounds and Avid Reader who sold our tickets. And thanks to Lodge OSA Blake who was invaluable on the day of the event.

Thank you to the people and businesses who contributed funds as sponsors to make this event a reality. The financial sponsors: Edward Jones (David Cougevan and Nicole Davis), Yoche Dehe Wintun Nation, Jan and Davis Campbell, Hanlees of Davis, Law Offices of Raquel Silva, Tandem Properties, Law Offices of Roberta Savage, Campus Child Care Inc., Davis Ace, Tim Ainsworth, Dennis Corcoran, Beth and Bob Dovi, Supervisor Jim Provenza, Supervisor Don Saylor, Joyce Trujillo, Barbara and Zach Wochok. We also thank our in-kind and food sponsors including: Davis Food Co-op, Dr. Mandelaris DDS, Mezzetta Foods, Lea and Dave Rosenberg, and Woodstock’s Pizza.

Mark your calendars for the Ninth Annual Breakfast with Santa which will be held on Saturday, December 13, 2014.

F – L – T

Lea Rosenberg
Vice Grand

Breakfast With Santa Delivers Lots Of Fun

Breakfast With Santa Delivers Lots Of Fun

Today the Davis Odd Fellows completed our seventh annual Breakfast with Santa in downtown Davis. It was a great success. We heard nothing but compliments and saw nothing but smiles from the 350 children and families who enjoyed the morning. Folks in Davis, CA really look forward to Breakfast with Santa – tickets all sell out in two weeks or less.

We have so many people to thank, but especially the world’s best Santa, our own Doug Hatton. Thank you also to his wife and Santa Manager Margee, and the 8 young ladies who were the elves. The kitchen and cooking crew headed by John Geisler and Barb Geisler were just great – hard-working from 6 a.m. and constantly cranking out the pancakes, sausages and other goodies. Thank you to our excellent photographer, Ernesto Sandoval, and Dee Clark from Woodstock’s who served her famous Cinna-Bread. We had some 50 volunteers from our Lodges who worked in shifts from 7 this morning till about 1 p.m. this afternoon. Thank you to Sharla Cheney who, once again, was our volunteer coordinator, and Dave Rosenberg, once again our volunteer wrangler and PR guy. Everyone pitched in filling goodie bags, decorating the tables, serving, cleaning, and doing all the tasks that need to be done to pull off this event. This year we tried something different and had three volunteer shifts, rather than two – thus involving even more members of our Lodges. We also had a special clean-up crew of volunteers to handle the kitchen. It takes MANY hands to put on this big show. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the volunteers:

Doug Hatton
Dave Reed
Sheryl Cambron
Jonathan Raven
Vita Salmieri
Lewis Kimble
David Hafter
Gina Daleiden
Arun Sen
Debbie Friend
Kathy White
Kati Cole-Leathers
Hannah Cole-Leathers
Marc Langlais
JuDee Archuleta
Tim Ainsworth
Joyce Trujillo
Shyamli Sah
Bill Grabert
Matt DeMoura
Alekka Fullerton
Michael Fullerton
Mike Cabral
Margie Cabral
Duff Devine
Irene Fecht
Penny Smith
Jean-Paul Montreuil
John Geisler
Peter Pascoe
Brodie Hamilton
Sharon Schauer
Joyce Puntillo
Mark Spencer
Dennis Corcoran
Vickie Kretsinger
David Cougevan
Tim Carroll
Ann Carroll
Ernesto Sandoval
Dee Clark
Dave Rosenberg
Sharla Cheney
Barb Geisler
Lea Rosenberg

And, once again, we received applications from folks who attended Breakfast with Santa, and now want to join the Odd Fellows and Rebekah Lodges. They want to join because they see the great community spirit of our Lodges and members.

We also appreciate the merchants, like the Davis Coop, Woodstock’s Pizza, Mezzeta Foods and Puroast Coffee, who donated all the food supplies. And thank you to the many donors who contributed over $3,000 to help our efforts – donors like Edward Jones Inc. and David Cougevan, the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, the Wochok Group, the Law Offices of Raquel Silva, the Law Offices of Roberta Savage, Supervisor Don Saylor, Retired Supervisor Helen Thomson, Davis Ace Hardware, Davis Waste Removal, First Northern Bank, Tandem Properties, Hanlees Nissan of Davis, and others. We also thank Avid Reader and Common Grounds who have sold tickets for us for many years.

The proceeds from Breakfast with Santa are used to benefit foster children in our community, and young adults who have recently left the foster system.

We look forward to the eighth annual Breakfast with Santa in 2013. (Once we rest up.)

F – L – T

Lea Rosenberg and Barb Geisler, Co-Chairs
Breakfast with Santa Committee

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