Friendship, Love, and Truth

Over 50 committees supporting Davis Odd Fellows’ efforts in our Lodge and in the community.

Being Odd

Unique individuals that make Odd Fellowship fun and exciting.


Honoring our past as we look towards the future.

A Community Connection

Signature events throughout the year providing financial support to our community.

Support the Natalie Corona Scholarship Fund

We’re honored to announce that the Natalie Corona Odd Fellows Scholarship Fund has been established.

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge and members of the community recognize the positive impacts that Officer Natalie Corona had on our city. Your donation will help to memorialize her legacy and support students seeking careers in law enforcement. Please donate today.

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Pay Your Membership

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Dedicated Members for Change


A progressive group of brothers and sisters focused on changing this Order to fit the needs of a changing society. Enjoy a number of thought-provoking articles which dig deep into the issues facing our Lodges and how we can bring new meaning to the principles of Friendship, Love, and Truth.

DMC is a “think tank” of new ideas and suggestions to reinvigorate, recharge, rejuvenate, and reform this Order.  DMC is focused primarily on ways for Lodges to increase their membership.

The Future of Odd Fellowship


A series of essays published by Dave Rosenberg from 2012 to 2014 about a progressive new vision for Odd Fellowship and  to reform, restructure and revitalize Odd Fellowship for the 21st Century.

Odd Fellow Lodges must become three-dimensional Lodges; emphasizing the rich culture and history of our fraternity, making sure we provide enjoyable social activities for our members, and making sure we reach out into our communities to do good works.

DMC – The Four Horsemen of the Odd Fellows Collapse

Dear Dedicated Members for Change, The Biblical "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" represent conquest, war, famine, and death. Together, they present a frightening image. The biblical message, in modern terms, is: "Get your act together, humans, or the end to humanity...

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DMC – Millenials, Part 3

Dear Dedicated Members for Change, The last two DMC Newsletters focused on the interesting and unique qualities of the Millennial Generation - those men and women born generally between 1980 and 2000. Many of these Millennials are in their 20's and 30's and should be...

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DMC – What do the numbers tell us?

Dear Dedicated Members for Change, First, the good news. Our collective work in California is paying off as we see yet another year with a small net gain in membership. This is particularly welcome news because the Order had been in membership free fall for decades....

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Great Moments In Odd Fellowship

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