Lodge Committees

Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169 performs its programs and community services through its many committees. Committee types include Lodge management committees, special committees, and single-project committees. Every active member of this Lodge should be serving on at least one committee of this Lodge.


Standing and Special Committees

Committees are of two types: standing committees and special committees.

Standing committees are committees required by our By-laws. These committees perform basic management responsibilities of our organization. Membership of these committees may be set by our by-laws (e.g.: Noble Grand, Vice Grand and Treasurer) or the Noble Grand appoints the chairs and members.

Special committees perform specific support functions and activities of our organization. These committees are created based upon need and interest. Special committees can be created to serve a one-time specific function or used to support recurring long-term activities of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge. The Noble Grand appoints the chairs and members of special committees.

(*Standing Committees)

Davis Odd Fellows Committees

1000 Mentors for Youth – Ed Lewis

Adopt-a-Highway – Sheryl Cambron/John Steele

Bell Ringing – Lea Rosenberg

Bingo – Dawn Coder/Aaron Wedra
The Bingo Committee is responsible for the operation of Bingo! on the second Sunday of each month. The Bingo! Committee selects and partners with twelve local charitable group and raises funds each month to support the selected groups.

Breakfast with Santa – Lea Rosenberg
The Breakfast with Santa Committee is charged with organizing the annual Breakfast With Santa breakfast and fundraiser.

Breakfast with the Bunny – Ed Lewis/Kathryn Hemness
The Breakfast with the Bunny Committee is charged with organizing the annual Breakfast With The Bunny breakfast and fundraiser.

By-laws* – Jonathan Raven
The By-laws Committee reviews the proceedings of the Grand Lodge of California, and the Sovereign Grand Lodge, and propose any resolutions that might be required in order to keep the By-laws of the Lodge current. The committee consists of three members in good standing and must be appointed by the Noble Grand at the first regular meeting after his/her installation.

Cigar Lounge – Dave Rosenberg

Classic Film Festival – Dave Rosenberg

Communications & Website – Stewart Savage, Chair
The Communications and Website Committee maintains the websites, email systems, and social media resources associated with the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge. The goal of the committee is to enable communication between lodge members and to showcase the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge to the community.

Community Support – Holly Bishop/Lea Rosenberg
The Community Support Committee is the active charitable and social arm of the Lodge. The committee reviews applications for scholarship funds and approves expenditures from the scholarship account subject to protocols established by the Lodge. The committee reviews and approves requests for charitable giving and purchases of tickets to charitable and community events subject to protocols established by the Lodge. The Committee coordinates joint fundraisers with community groups, social events for the Lodge, and special events for the Lodge.

Davis Chocolate Festival – Dave Rosenberg/Kurt Roggli

Finance* – Glenn Mounkes/Jeff Myers/Rea Nakanishi
The Finance Committee examines and reports on the bills presented, inspect and audit the books and accounts of the Secretary and Treasurer and other officers and committees charged with the receipts and expenditures of money, and are authorized to examine the books or accounts of any officer or committee at any time.

Gaming Committee – Jean-Paul Montreuil

Good Fellowship – Sharla Cheney/Lewis Kimble
The Good Fellowship Committee plans and implements programs and activities to promote friendship and good fellowship among members of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge. The committee will also reach out to members, particularly the newer members, to engage them in the Order and to fully explain the tenets, the ritual, the degrees and other aspects of Odd Fellowship.

Giants Baseball Game – John Steele/Diane Steele

Golf – Charles Filmer

Graffiti Clean-Up – Robb White

Halloween Party – Dave Reed

Historical – Dave Rosenberg/Mary Parton

Holiday Caroling – Dave Reed

Homeless Assistance – Arun Sen

Installation & Awards Dinner – Noble Grand
The Installation & Awards Dinner Committee is charged with organizing the annual Installation Dinner.

Living Legacy – Mary Superak/Charles Filmer
The Living Legacy Committee is charged with planting trees throughout Davis, Ca in the name of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge.

Lodge Birthday Party – Dave Rosenberg

Meditation Committee – Joel Mandel/Kurt Roggli

Membership & Initiation – Dave Rosenberg
The Membership Committee coordinates the recruitment and interviewing of potential new members of the Lodge. The committee prepares a handbook, pamphlets, and papers explaining the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) to potential new members and initiates. The committee recommends potential members for initiation. The committee coordinates the initiatory degree and other degree days.

Movie Matinee – Diane Steele

Music & Concerts – Juelie Roggli/Kurt Roggli
The Music & Concerts Committee is charged with bringing musical entertainment to the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge for the public. The most notable efforts of this committee is Thursday Live! which is scheduled for the first Thursday of each month.

New Year’s Eve Party – Juelie Roggli/Kurt Roggli

Odd Bowling – Bob Dovi

Odd Fellows Theater – Ed Lewis

Odd NeedleCrafters – Kathryn Hemness

Odd Poetry – Chuck White

Oddtoberfest – Ed Lewis/David Zavatson

Photography – Chuck White

Picnic Day Breakfast – Tony Marigo/Rea Nakanishi
The Picnic Day Breakfast Committee is charged with organizing the annual picnic day pancake breakfast at the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge.

Picnic Day Float – Janis Rosenberg

Publicity – Dave Rosenberg

Relay for Life

Running with the Turkeys – Janis Rosenberg

Saturday Morning Breakfast – Vic Bucher, Rea Nakanishi, Steve Lopez, Amy Hodam

Scholarship – Sharla Cheney
The Scholarship Committee is charged with developing and funding scholarships offered through the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge.

Senior Project – Duff Devine
The Senior Project Committee is charged with organizing the annual Odd Fellows helping seniors project.

Social Services – Bob Schelen

St. Patrick’s Day Party – Dave Reed

Take a Hike – Dave Reed

Talent Show

Taste of Davis – Lea Rosenberg/Dave Rosenberg
The Taste of Davis Committee is charged with organizing and supporting the annual Taste of Davis event.

Team Bald Fellows – Stewart Savage

Visiting* –┬áNoble Grand/Vice Grand/Treasurer
Visits all sick or disabled members within 24 hours after being reported to the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge to see that they are properly cared for, and report findings at the next regular meeting.

Wine Club – Elysa Hillis

Zymurgy – Tim Carroll
The Zymurgy Committee facilitates an environment for the Lodge members to engage in Odd Fellowship while exposing their palate to a wide variety of beer categories. Zymurgy is the area of applied science related to fermentation, as such, the Zymurgy sub-committee coordinates several beer brewing sessions and beer tasting events for the members of the lodge.

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