Davis Rebekah Lodge #253


IOOF Rebekah Lodge

The Davis Rebekah lodge is part of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows – a fraternal order.  The members have secret passwords, signs and handshakes.  It’s also a social organization and the members have fun together and try to do good works in the community.

The Davis Rebekah Lodge, along with the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, owns the Odd Fellows Lodge Hall building and the surrounding property currently rented to Hunan Restaurant and Coldwell-Banker Doug Arnold Real Estate.

The first Rebekah Lodge was founded in the 1850’s by Schuyler Colfax, an Odd Fellow and Vice President of the United States to U.S. Grant.  The Rebekah Lodge was meant to be the “women’s Lodge” in conjunction with the Odd Fellows Lodge which was meant to be the “men’s lodge”.   These distinctions have diminished when membership was opened to both sexes in both Lodges.

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge is the oldest organization in the area, having been chartered in 1870, well before there was a city of Davis and before there was a UCD.  The Davis Rebekah Lodge was chartered in 1901.  Both Lodges use the Odd Fellows Hall.  The first Lodge Hall was located on G Street and was constructed in 1875.  Both Lodges moved into their present Lodge Hall on 415 Second Street in Downtown Davis in 1955.

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) is non-religious, non-political, and non-discriminatory.  Men and women over 18 can join.  Currently the Davis Rebekah Lodge has 30 members.  For more information, contact Sharla Cheney, Noble Grand of the Rebekah Lodge, at shcheney@gmail.com.


Elected Officers of Davis Rebekah Lodge #253

  • Noble Grand – Tony Pruitt
  • Vice Grand – Sheryl Cambron
  • Secretary – Diana Schmiegel
  • Treasurer – Beth Dovi
  • Financial Secretary – Sharla Cheney

Appointed Officers of Davis Rebekah Lodge #253

  • Right Supporter of the Noble Grand – Sherry Pruitt
  • Left Supporter of the Noble Grand – Paul Schmiegel
  • Warden – Arun Sen
  • Conductor – Veva Stone
  • Chaplain – Joyce Trujillo
  • Inside Guardian – Kathy Hemness
  • Outside Guardian – Irene Fecht
  • Musician – Mary Superak
  • Color Bearer – Ted Superak
  • Right Supporter of the Vice Grand – Joyce Puntillo
  • Left Supporter of the Vice Grand – Dave Reed

Past Noble Grands

  • Sharla Cheney
  • Lea Rosenberg
  • Barb Geisler
  • Diana Schmiegel
  • Sherry Pruitt

Trustees of the Lodge

  • Lea Rosenberg
  • Joyce Trujillo
  • Diana Schmiegel

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