Davis Encampment #21

Davis Odd Fellows EncampmentThe Davis Encampment #21 was instituted in Davis on March 23, 1957. Currently, the Davis Encampment has 30 members (called “patriarchs”) and meets once each month on the second Saturday of each month at 11:00 a.m. at the Davis Odd Fellows Hall, 415 Second Street, Downtown Davis.

Encampments are a branch of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Only members of an Odd Fellows Lodge who hold all three degrees of Odd Fellowship (the Degrees of Friendship, Love and Truth) may join an Encampment. Once initiated into the Encampment, the member earns three additional degrees – the Patriarchal Degree, the Golden Rule Degree, and the Royal Purple Degree (often called the Degrees of Faith, Hope and Charity). The symbol of the Encampment is the open tent and the crossed shepherd’s crooks.

The Encampment offers a full slate of elective and appointive offices to its members. The members of the Encampment can wear the unique, rare and distinctive purple fez with the golden tassel.

The Davis Encampment, re-charged in 2010 with new members, has taken it upon itself to raise funds to support sending kids to the Odd Fellows Three-Links Camp for a summer camp experience.

Elected Officers of the Davis Encampment #21

  • Chief Patriarch – Lea Rosenberg
  • Senior Warden – Doug Hatton
  • Junior Warden – Juelie Roggli
  • Scribe – Diana Schmiegel
  • Treasurer – Janis Rosenberg
  • Financial Scribe – Tony Pruitt
  • High Priest – Jim Cheney

Appointed Officers of Davis Encampment #21

  • Guide – Charlene Sailer
  • First Watch – Sharla Cheney
  • Second Watch – Kevin Sitz
  • Third Watch – Howie Spero
  • Fourth Watch – Diane Steele
  • Inside Sentinel – Cathy Aubill
  • Outside Sentinel – Joe Otto

Past Chief Patriarchs

  • Dave Rosenberg
  • Dave Reed
  • Arun Sen
  • Bob Bockwinkel
  • Tony Pruitt

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