Canton Davis #7

Patriarchs Militant Davis CantonOn March 14, 2013, Davis was given dispensation to start a chapter of the Patriarchs Militant, and authorized to elect officers and operate a Canton.  We are now Canton Davis #7, Patriarchs Militant.

Officers of the Canton are:

Captain – Sheryl Cambron
Lieutenant – Joel Mandel
Ensign – Lea Rosenberg
Clerk – Cathy Aubill
Accountant – James Bledsoe

Captain (Ret.) – Dennis Corcoran

Battalion Commander – Dave Rosenberg

The Patriarchs Militant are the uniformed branch of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF), one of the oldest and largest fraternal orders in the world today.  The Patriarchs Militant were established by the Sovereign Grand Lodge – the international governing body of Odd fellowship – back in 1885.  Patriarchs Militant are organized into Cantons, and the Cantons belong to Department Councils within a state or region.  Members of Patriarchs Militant are called Chevaliers and may wear semi-military uniforms.  Patriarchs Militant membership is open equally to men and women.

When one is initiated into the Odd Fellows, a new member obtains the Initiatory Degree.  Thereafter, that member may obtain three more degrees in an Odd Fellows Lodge (the Degrees of Friendship, Love, and Truth).  That person is then eligible to join an Encampment and obtain three more degrees (the Patriarchal Degree, the Golden Rule Degree, and the Royal Purple Degree).  Thereafter, the member may obtain the final and highest degree in Odd Fellowship by joining a Canton and obtaining the status of a Patriache Militant.

The mottoes of Patriarchs Militant are in Latin and translate into “Universal Justice” and “Peace over War.”  Members of Patriarchs Militant strive to practice the classic military virtues of courage, honor, self-discipline, and comradeship at all times.

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Davis Lodges

Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169
Noble Grand – Stewart Savage
Vice Grand – James Bledsoe
Secretary – Jim Smith
Treasurer – Janis Rosenberg
Financial Secretary – Duff Devine

Davis Rebekah Lodge #253
Noble Grand – Diana Schiegel
Vice Grand – Sharla Cheney
Secretary – Sherry Pruitt
Financial Secretary – Penny Smith
Treasurer – Sheryl Cambron

Davis Encampment #21
Chief Patriarch - Tony Pruitt
Senior Warden - Mary Superak
Junior Warden - Doug Hatton
Scribe - Joel Mandel
Treasurer - Janis Rosenberg
Financial Scribe - Lea Rosenberg
High Priest - Jim Cheney

Canton Davis #7
Captain – Sheryl Cambron
Lieutenant – Joel Mandel
Ensign – Lea Rosenberg
Clerk – Cathy Aubill
Accountant – James Bledsoe

Hall Board Association 2016
President - Dave Rosenberg
Vice President - Lea Rosenberg
Treasurer - Diana Schmiegel
Secretary - Juelie Roggli
Trustee - Bob Bockwinkel
Trustee - Joyce Trujillo

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