DMC-Odd Fellows Time Machine

Dear Dedicated Members for Change,

Please join me on a little trip in the Odd Fellows’ time machine.

Let’s visit America in 1919, 100 years ago. In 1919 you could get a dozen eggs for 34 cents, a quart of milk cost 9 cents, and a loaf of bread cost 6 cents. First class postage stamps cost 2 cents and a gallon of gas was only 12 cents. Typical yearly take-home pay was $687. Very few people had cars, but you could buy one for around $500. And an average house cost $3,500. On January 6, 1919, Teddy Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States, died in his sleep at the age of 60. On January 16, the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution, went into effect authorizing prohibition. In February, Oregon placed a 1 cent tax on gasoline, becoming the first state to do so. And Congress established the Grand Canyon as a national park. In May a race riot broke out in Charleston, South Carolina, and three black men died. UCLA was established in May, as well, becoming the southern branch of the University of California system. In June, the Congress approved the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing suffrage to women. In July, the US Army sent the first convoy of motor vehicles across the continental United States – the motorcade arrived in San Francisco in September

In 1919 social security didn’t exist and many elderly lived in poverty conditions. Americans in 1919 spent one-third of their income on food. And food wasn’t particularly good or healthy. The average American ate 11.5 pounds of lard and 14 pounds of chicken per year. (In 2019, Americans are expected to consume 57 pounds of chicken and 1.5 pounds of lard per year.) Half of all families lived in rural areas or in towns with populations less than 2,500. The average household was crowded, with more than four people (today it’s less than 2.5 people in a household). Owning homes was a rarity in 1919 – there were about four times as many renters as homeowners 100 years ago. (Today, more than 60% own their own home.) In 1919, only 100 million people lived in the USA and more than half were under 25. A century later, the population has more than tripled, and the share of people under 25 has fallen to one-third. Meanwhile, the share of people over 65 has tripled from 5% to 15%.

In 1919, hardly anyone drove cars. People generally walked, rode horses, and occasionally took the trolley. There was very little commuting. People generally lived close to their work and typically walked to work. Men wore blue serge suits to work, and women wore long dresses or long skirts. Entertainment was the player piano or the photograph. Fraternal Orders, including Odd Fellows, were flourishing across the country.

Now, let’s come back to reality in 2019. In 2019 America is a completely different place than it was in 1919. America in 2019 is a place that folks in 1919 could not even imagine: a place of airplanes, fast cars, computers, laptops, cell phones, smart watches, equal rights for women, credit and debit cars, maternity leave, movies, television, refrigerators, washers-dryers, bikinis, etc. etc. And yet, there are Odd Fellows who believe that if the Order would only go back to the way we operated in 1919, all would be well and we would grow again. That bit of whimsy makes no sense. To flourish and grow, Odd Fellowship needs to evolve and change. Only then will the men and women of the 21st Century be attracted to Odd Fellowship. The landscape of America is littered with the corpses of fraternal orders that rigidly refused to change. Odd Fellowship must evolve with the times.

One cannot attract the electric car generation to a horse-and-buggy Lodge.

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Past Grand Master
Jurisdiction of California

DMC – Tacos and Tunes

Dear Dedicated Members for Change,

California Grand Lodge Sessions and Rebekah Assembly in Visalia begin in two weeks.

Please mark your calendars for a fun event coming up during California Grand Lodge and Rebekah Assembly Sessions. It’s the annual “Tacos, Tunes & Tales” on Thursday, May 17, organized and hosted by
“Dedicated Members for Change”. As in past years, we expect 125-150 attendees. You won’t want to miss it. Please see the attached updated flier for all the details. “Tacos, Tunes & Tales” will be the place to be on Thursday evening. We will have a wonderful taco bar buffet, there will be live music, there will be plenty of time to socialize with your brothers and and sisters from around the state, and we will hear brief comments from leaders of our order.

The taco bar buffet alone costs us $32 per person, BUT we are able to keep the price tag for this event quite low (only $20 per person) because a number of generous Lodges contribute money as Sponsors of the event. Because of their sponsorship the expenses are subsidized and the cost to individual Odd Fellows, Rebekahs and their guests is substantially reduced. There are no advanced reservations or RSVP – we are keeping it simple – just pay at the door. If you plan to write checks, please make the checks payable to “Grand Lodge”.

I’m pleased to identify FIFTEEN generous Lodges that are subsidizing and sponsoring this event. Thank you! Here they are:


Alameda #3
Cupertino #70
Odd Fellows District #47


America Lodge # 385
Berkeley Lodge # 270
Davis #169
Franco-American Lodge #207
Morse #257
Yerba Buena Lodge #15


Garcia Lodge #240
Los Angeles – Golden Rule Lodge #35
Mountain View Lodge #244
Saratoga Lodge #428
Apollo Lodge #123
Bay City Lodge #71

See you in Visalia.

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Past Grand Master
Jurisdiction of California

DMC – The Need To Promote The Odd Fellows and Rebekahs


The Independent Order of Odd Fellows, as an entire Order must start promoting itself if it intends on a continued existence. Promotional campaigns bring attention to groups and awareness to various causes. Promotional events can bring pride to a membership and gain support from a community. Promotional ideas must continually evolve and fit the interests of those who view the Odd Fellows from the outside – the non-members.

Today, we look back on promotional programs the Order has used over the past decade or more. There is no doubt these were good ideas at the time, but our Order has fallen short in evolving with new ideas and new promotional events. We have the Arthritis Foundation, SOS Village in Cambodia, Visual Research, and a couple of others. That is all we have to promote ourselves from the promotional programs of the Sovereign Grand Lodge. There has been no new ideas presented, or at least accepted. Although these are very worthy causes, do you see these are good promotional programs to attract attention to our Order?

Right now, we have been threatened with having our dues increased – yes, threatened, as this is what the language of the resolution translates into, with regard to the increase of dues. If we do not show growth as a whole in this Order, our dues increase by $5.00 next year and again the following year. Call it what you wish, but this is a threat of a dues increase. Again, ask yourselves, “Are these good promotional programs to attract attention to our Order?” The increase in dues is not a good promotional plan for the Order.

Brothers and Sisters, not only do we need Sovereign Grand Lodge to give us the tools to meet its demand of increasing the membership by improving upon the promotional programs, we need our own Grand Lodges and Lodges to establish promotional events!

As businesses, which we are defined as by the Internal Revenue Service, as well as being 501c(8)s, having exempt statuses, we are permitted to conduct promotional events and programs to attract potential members and create support for our organization. A business must promote itself if it is to survive. Too many members refuse to recognize their lodges as businesses or know they may set promotional goals.

What kinds of promotional events or ideas are available to our lodges? There are numerous ideas. Off the top of one’s head: Support a youth team, and provide shirts that read, “Odd Fellows & Rebekahs.” Purchase promotional items with the name “Odd Fellows & Rebekahs” on each items and give away at a local county fair, event, etc. Participate in a local county fair or march in a local town and city parade carrying a banner that reads, “Odd Fellows & Rebekahs;” these are promotional events.

Collaborate with other organizations, which are doing good works, such as Cancer Awareness, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and other charitable groups. Make the public aware that the “Odd Fellows & Rebekahs” strongly support these kinds of groups – and you have a wonderful promotional. There are many ideas for promotional events.

A warning, stay away from political support groups, supporting candidates, and aligning with any religious groups, such as raising money for these kinds of entities, as our tax-exempt classification does not allow for these kinds of promotions.

Perhaps one of the best opportunities for a promotional event presented itself in late September, 2017, when two members of the Odd Fellows (brother Bo Huang of Yerba Buena Lodge #15), one who works for Samsung Development in Silicon Valley, listened to a guest speaker talk about his own accomplishments and the cause he supports. The speaker was the world renowned Robert Swan, who was the first man to walk to the North and South Poles. He was planning another trip and promoting renewable energy in his presentation.

Sister Bonnie Sellars, who attended this event with brother Bo, met Robert Swan after the presentation came up with an idea for a promotional for the entire Order. They spoke about the Odd Fellows. She asked if he could take a patch to the South Pole on his next expedition and in exchange, we would ask for support for his 2041 Foundation, Inc. from the lodges and members. He was happy to do it for the Order and offered to take a picture of himself with the “Odd Fellows & Rebekahs” patch.

Subsequently, several articles shall be written of the event, postcards of the patch shall be printed, and sharing of the event with non-members are part of the promotional. Perhaps we have found a candidate for the SGL’s Honorary Member recognition, which it has not awarded for years.

We received limited support for the idea, but came up with an adequate amount of money to contribute to the 2041 Foundation, Inc. and its upcoming expedition to the South Pole. During this time, we discovered that far too many lodges do not have any promotional programs. Other lodges did not see the advantage of a promotional event or how it related to gaining the awareness of the public or creating potential members.

A special patch was embroidered adding the words, “South Pole” on the “Odd Fellows & Rebekahs” three-link patch, and then sent to Robert Swan, who shall carry this with him on the 600-mile trek across the Antarctica. Robert Swan has been received numerous awards and recognition, including being awarded the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in 1995.

So, you see, ideas for promotional events may come from every place. The aforementioned idea is just one example of a promotional. We, as an Order, must embrace those promotional ideas that will shed a positive light upon our lodges. We need to make the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs more dynamic and appealing to our communities.

Peter V. Sellars

David Grier Plays the Odd Fellows Hall

A master musician will be performing on Saturday, September 16 7:30pm at the Davis Odd Fellows Hall (415 Second St, Davis).

David Grier, who began playing guitar at age 6, is regarded as one of the premier acoustic guitarists in the world, along with his early influences, Doc Watson, Tony Rice, and family friend Clarence White. Recognized by Acoustic Guitar Magazine in 2000 as one of the Artists of the Decade, and named Guitar Player of the Year three times by the International Bluegrass Music Association. Grier has played on four Grammy Award-winning albums, and in 1998 launched his own label, Dreadnought Recordings, which includes some of his own albums Hootenanny (with Dirk Powell and Tim O’Brien) and Evocative (with a rich complement of collaborators e.g. Victor Wooten).

David was also a member of Psychograss, one of the most eclectic bands in the history of American string music whose members included Darol Anger (violin), Mike Marshall (mandolin), Todd Phillips (bass) and Tony Trischka (banjo). Local favorite Joe Craven has also provided percussion for the band.

Grier’s music has been hailed for its “deep musical introspection” as well as his “unmatchable mastery of the guitar”. His appearance in Davis will give you a rare chance to see one of the greatest flatpicking guitarists who ever played the instrument.

Tickets are $20 at the door. There will be a no host bar. Doors open at 7pm. For information contact Juelie Roggli at or call (530) 756-3276.

DMC – I Have Heard The Odd Fellows Excuses

In historical terms, a human “generation” is considered a period of time spanning some 20 to 25 years.   Using that measure, it has been almost a full generation since the Sovereign Grand Lodge, the Grand Lodge of California, and Grand Lodges in other jurisdictions, opened membership in Odd Fellows Lodges to women.   The Rebekah Degree and Rebekah Lodges were always open to women since their inception in 1851, and ironically, men could join Rebekah Lodges almost from their beginnings.   Yet Odd Fellows Lodges were closed to women until the turn of this Century.   In the 21st Century, all Odd Fellows Lodges are open to women to apply and to join and to advance to any and all degrees and offices.   This is the Law of Odd Fellowship.

Yet, it is distressing to say that there are still Lodges in California and in other jurisdictions that have no female members.   I can certainly understand that there may be a brief period of time (perhaps one or two years) when all-male Lodges would transition to admitting their first female members.   But that time has long since passed.   It’s been almost 20 years since the decision to open our Odd Fellows Lodges to women, and – sad to say – in 2017 there are still Lodges with no female members.   This is unacceptable, and violates basic principles of our Order.   The Odd Fellows Membership Application states, explicitly, the following as to who may become a member:   “A man or woman over the age of 16 years, of good character, whose life and acts have been worthy and honorable, is eligible for membership.”

Significantly, nothing less than the Code of General Laws of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows makes crystal clear, in Chapter III, Section 1 that membership in an Odd Fellows Lodge is open to “a person”.   It does not limit membership to “a man”.   And to reinforce this egalitarian requirement of the Code, that same Section states the following warning to non-complying Lodges:  “Continued rejection of women may result in revocation of an Odd Fellows Charter after notice and hearing.”

I have heard the excuses (and they are, truly, excuses) from members of Lodges that have no women on their membership rolls.   And these are not just small Lodges of less than ten members.   There are Lodges of 40, 50, even Lodges with over 100 members, that have not one female member.

Some members offer excuses that are brutally frank, and say things like:  “I don’t want a woman member in my Lodge.   If a woman joins, I would leave.”    But let’s substitute another word for “woman” in this statement.   What if the member had not used the word “woman” in his statement, but instead had used the word “African-American” or “Asian-American” or “Hispanic” or “Jew” or “Catholic” or “Hindu” or “Muslim” or “Buddhist”?   Would that be acceptable?   Of course not.  It would display intolerance and prejudice and would be a show of blatant discrimination.  How is it any less reprehensible or more acceptable because the member used the word “woman”?   It is demonstrably unacceptable and should be so to every Odd Fellow who professes belief in Friendship, Love and Truth.

Some offer what they must consider to be reasonable or logical “excuses” and say, “No woman has ever applied” or “I don’t know any women who would want to join” or “the women I know have their own organizations.”   These sorts of “reasons” are simply thinly veiled excuses for discrimination.   Give me a break.   Half the population of this country is female, as is the population of every state and province and every city and town.   Are you really telling us that in a Lodge of 30 members, not one male member is able to find even one woman who would like to apply to join?   Nonsense.   Of course they can.   But either through laziness, inertia, prejudice or just because they want the Lodge to remain an “old boy’s club” no women are sponsored for membership.

This sort of behavior should be anathema to good fellowship and should be rejected by every true Odd Fellow.  Odd Fellowship professes, right on the website of the Sovereign Grand Lodge, “to elevate the character of men and women”.   Relegating women to second-class citizenship is not acceptable.   Creating structures for women which are “separate but equal” is no longer acceptable.   Odd Fellows Law requires Lodges to accept men and women.   For any Lodge to admit men, but reject women either de jure or de facto, is a violation of Odd Fellows Law and Odd Fellows principals.   After a generation – almost 20 years – a Lodge today that has no women on its membership rolls must be viewed as a Lodge that rejects women.   For all those men who routinely profess that we must all “follow the Code,” I remind them that not admitting women into their Lodge is a violation of the Code.

And even from the very narrow perspective of membership development, the exclusion of half the population makes no sense.  Particularly Lodges that are struggling to survive as membership declines can ill afford to turn their collective backs on women.

The Lodges that have no women as members know who they are.   I hope and trust that they will – after all these years – finally do the right thing.   Follow the Code.

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Past Grand Master

Taste of Davis – Absolutely Delicious

The 8th annual “A Taste of Davis”, organized and hosted by the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, was another smashing success. We wish to say “thank you” to the 250 members of the public who attended and enjoyed the food, wine, beer and other culinary treats served by 20 local purveyors on both floors of the Odd Fellows Lodge Hall. We heard many positive comments and saw many satisfied smiles.

Many individuals and businesses deserve a big “thank you”.

The Purveyors of good food and beverages at this year’s Taste of Davis were: Berryessa Gap Winery, Blue Note Brewery, Bogle Vineyards, ChickPeas, Common Grounds, Davis Creamery, Gesche’s Gourmet Catering, Hunan Bar & Restaurant, Let Them Eat Cake, Maria’s Cantina, Papa John’s Pizza, Putah Creek Winery, Sudwerk, The Lodge Catering, Three Mile Brewery, Tres Hermanas, Turkovich Family Winery, Wing Stop, the Upper Crust Baking Company, and Zumapoke.

Major sponsor for the 2017 Taste of Davis was Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Super sponsors supporting the event are the Davis Enterprise (and Editor Debbie Davis and Advertising Manager Nancy Hannell) and Davis Downtown (formerly know as DDBA). Sponsors include Dawn Coder, Davis Firefighters Local 3494, Mayor Robb Davis, Beth and Bob Dovi, Stacie and Lucas Frerichs, Supervisor Jim Provenza, Sherry and Tony Pruitt, Kathy and Ted Puntillo, Lea and Dave Rosenberg, Charlene Sailer and Howie Spero, Lisa and Jesse Salinas, Diana and Paul Schmiegel, Arun Sen, Andrew Skaggs, Greg Tanner, Timmons Owens Jansen & Tichy Inc., Joyce Trujillo, University Retirement Community, Allison Zuvela.

Thank you, also, to the many Odd Fellows who volunteered their time and energy to this event: Dawn Coder, Robb White, Joyce Puntillo, Joel Mandel, Steve Lin, Nancy Schrott, Elizabeth Lasensky, Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald, Kelli O’Day, Kati O’Day, Joe Otto, Ed Lewis, Tony Pruitt, Sherry Pruitt, Robin Dewey, Amanda Maples, Danny Tomasello, Aaron Wedra, Bill Grabert, Renee Liston, Alex Saldivar, Arun Sen, Greg Tanner, Diana Schmiegel, Mary de Soto, and co-Chairs Lea and Dave Rosenberg. Thank you also to the Lodge Operations Manager Allison Vickrey and Lodge Assistant Operations Manager Daniela Gutierrez. And special thanks to the two vendors who sold tickets for us: Avid Reader Active and Common Grounds. Thank you to the Lodge webmaster and Noble Grand Stewart Savage.

Every year the Davis Odd Fellows designate a beneficiary for some of the proceeds of this event. The Elderly Nutrition Program will be the beneficiary of a financial donation this year.

This great community social event will continue. We have already chosen the date for the 9th annual “A Taste of Davis”. Mark your calendars for Thursday, April 26, 2018.

Lea and Dave Rosenberg
Taste of Davis Co-Chairs

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