BBQ and BEER Gourmet Dinner

The Davis Odd Felllows Lodge is pleased to announce and offer our second Gourmet Dinner – this time pairing BBQ with assorted Beers from Anderson Valley Brewing Company – a great summertime pairing. The date is Friday, July 21. This is a multi-course meal with an assortment of premium beers. The cost for the Gourmet Dinner is $45 per person.

Space is limited so we recommend that you RSVP as soon as possible. The RSVP deadline is July 10. RSVP to Allison at or (530) 758-4940.

(Also, mark your calendars for the third Gourmet Meal which will be held on Friday, August 18, featuring a multi-course vegetarian dinner paired with wines from the Steele Vineyard – details to be announced in July.)

Please join us Friday July 21st for beer tasting and BBQ! The meal will be prepared by Odd Fellows in-house Chefs Sarun Kao and Michael Sutton. Happy hour will start at 6:00pm in The Lounge. $45 per person. Space is limited.

RSVP to reserve your seat to or 530-758-4940

Happy Hour: Deep Fried Pork Stuffed Chicken Wing “Angel Wings” paired with Summer Solstice Ale

First Course: Fresh Melon, Prosciutto, and Shaved Parmesan Salad paired with Briney Melon Gose

Entrée: Smokey Dry Rubbed Pork Ribs served with Garlic Steak Fries and Elote (Mexican Street Corn) paired with back-to-back IPA’s-Eetah IPA and Hop Ottin’ IPA

Dessert: Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Bourbon Barrel Stout Float served with Almond Toffee Bark

Davis Encampment Provides Scholarships to 85 Children

Continuing a community service begun over five years ago, Davis Encampment #21 announced today that it has provided $100 scholarships to 85 children from 39 local families. These scholarships enable the children to register for classes provided by the City of Davis Parks and Recreation staff. The classes include swim lessons, dance, week-long summer camps and family summer swim passes.

The Davis Encampment has adopted as one of its missions to facilitate and fund summer programs and summer camp experiences for children.

“We are so pleased to be able to give these families and children the opportunity to enjoy a summer experience,” said Sharla Cheney, a member of the Davis Encampment and coordinator of the scholarship program. “We wish to thank the wonderful City of Davis Parks and Recreation staff – and in particular, Administrative Operations Supervisor Christina Wood – for their work in helping families choose classes and register their children. We could not have done this without their cooperation and willingness to help.”

Davis Encampment #21 is part of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. The Davis Odd Fellows were chartered in 1870, and the Davis Encampment received its charter in 1955. The Davis Odd Fellows offer four degrees to its members – the Initiatory Degree, the Degree of Friendship, the Degree of Love, and the Degree of Truth. The Encampment provides three advanced degrees of Odd Fellowship for its members – the Degree of Faith, the Degree of Hope and the Degree of Charity. Members of the Encampment are permitted to wear the purple and gold fez. There are 116 Odd Fellows Lodges in California, but only 11 Encampments, including Davis Encampment #21.

Funds for the 85 scholarships were raised through a combination of donations from members, the Odd Fellows Bingo Committee, the Odd Fellows Music Committee, Santa, and a $1,000 community donation.

The deadline to apply for scholarships in 2017 has passed and no further applications can be considered for this year. However, the Davis Encampment hopes to continue the program in 2018.

“Some of the children in our scholarship program come from families who might not be able to afford the summer experience,” said Cheney. “We would like to help as many children as we can to experience the joys of a summer program, including summer camps.”

# # #


Dear Odd Fellows and Pledges:

Bollywood Night is back by popular demand!

Transport yourself to the dancing, music and cuisine of India on Saturday, May 6, from 7 to 11 p.m. at the Odd Fellows Hall, 415 Second Street, Davis. The event is family friendly and open to all ages.

Attendees will be treated to an evening of authentic Indian cuisine, prepared by Chef Mary Philip, who is donating and cooking all the food. There will also be a chance raffle with an assortment of prizes including 4 tickets Disneyland tickets, 2 tickets to a SF Giants game, and old time fancy popcorn machine, an assortment of wines, and many more. The highlight of the evening is entertainment by Bollywood Dreams Entertainment with Prashant’s troupe of Indian dancers. Step-by-step instruction will be offered to attendees leading up to a night of fun Bollywood Dancing.

As noted on the website of Bollywood Dreams Entertainment: “Bollywood music and dancing – it’s not just a dance party. It’s like being in a Bollywood musical. It’s an invitation to be goofy, to smile, make friends on the dance floor, to sing and dance all night long.”

Public can purchase tickets at the following location: Common Ground in South Davis. In addition, tickets may be purchased online at Ticket price for advance ticket sales is $35 per adult and $25 for students. Tickets purchased at the door will be $40 per person. Diana Schmiegel and Mary Superak will have tickets available for sale to member’s at tomorrow’s Odd Fellows breakfast meeting and other Odd Fellows functions this month.

“Proceeds from our event will go the Empower Yolo, Family Violence Coordination Pilot Program.” “Folks who come to Bollywood Night are assured of a good time, but should also know that their contributions are providing support for others in the county who are coping with family violence scenarios.”


Diana Schmiegel
Noble Grand
Davis Rebekah Lodge #253

Money is the Root of… Both Good & Evil

Dear Dedicated Members for Change,

Odd Fellowship is envisioned as a big tent. So long as one is a person of good moral character, with the qualities inherent in friendship, love and truth – other things are supposed to be irrelevant such as the person’s religious or philosophical beliefs, their business, their politics, their race, national origin, gender, sexual identity, disability, or socioeconomic status. Here’s an article written by one of the founders of DMC, Past Grand Master Rick Boyles, which deals with the interesting issue of socioeconomic status and Odd Fellowship.

F – L – T

Dave Rosenberg
Past Grand Master

Money is the Root of… Both Good & Evil…

Money is the root of all evil, or so the saying goes. Right wing icon Ayn Rand altered the expression with her famous words – “Money is the Root of all good”. As is my normal vantage point, I believe both views are appropriate – because conversely those with money may be imbued with goodness, and those without money may be consumed by evil and hatred. So then, it shows that money is nothing but a tool, a symbol, a token of one’s monetary worth solely. But, in reality, money is nothing more than the current rate of exchange otherwise we might all still be engaged in barter, as in earlier times.

Our order if it works as it was originally intended is supposed to be blind to such matters, and yet, it’s a hard thing to do. We have Odd Fellow events that cost hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars, and we seem to judge Odd Fellow members based upon their level of attendance to such events. When I was Grand Master, members would confide in me that they could not afford to attend an event or purchase some part of a uniform or go to some other expense. I could feel their embarrassment, and somehow I felt the need to allay this type of feeling. To be precise, no member is required to attend any Odd Fellow event they don’t want to attend. It’s easily demonstrated that many members never venture outside their own lodges. Central events, such as Grand Lodge Sessions, are really only attended by a very small fraction of our order. In our state, only approximately 5% of all members attend our annual sessions. Of course, expense is not the only reason for this, as many members still have jobs or other commitments which interfere with such an event that may consume up to a week of a member’s precious time off. The fact that some members can afford to give of their time or their money to attend such events says nothing more than that and is not a reflection on those who can’t attend. And yet, I can easily detect a bit of regret or even resentment by those who are unable to attend.

I believe that one of the secrets to the Odd Fellows future survival is to make events more accessible, fiscally and in matters of convenience. How can we do this? It’s no secret that many lodges pay for their members to attend sessions, but what about those who have jobs or other commitments, or belong to lodges that can’t support their members? As we become more technologically advanced, we need to make our events more inclusive. We have members such as Grand Warden Mel Astrahan who commit events to film, which is one step; it may be just a minor additional step to make these events interactive, just as our Board of Directors often have had members attend via Skype. If we want to advance into a new age, we have to recognize that eventually there will not necessarily be many centralized events but rather many opportunities for many more members to attend via remote access.

Some of us within our order have taken to judging members mainly on their level of wealth, though how we even know this is hard to fathom. Some of us look at an automobile and judge the driver to be poor if it has years on it, yet some of the wealthiest people I know either have no cars or drive an older one. In the real world many public figures have declared bankruptcy while driving fancy cars, and living the so-called high life. Others look at residences as emblems of self-worth, and while they may indeed be impressive, they are also no real measure of self worth. To me, what is most important is what will you think on when you are on your own deathbed, your extravagant home, or your personal relationships? It seems to be no contest. In fact, money generally tends to dilute one’s view of what is most important in life which is genuine human interaction. Money can be a wonderful tool but if one uses it to merely construct one’s own Xanadu (to paraphrase Coleridge), then it is merely a construct to isolation. Of course, there are many classic works, both books and movies that bear this out.

This is not my own extremist view, but rather the prevalent view in almost all religions. This also explains the downfall of many lodge settings, the fraternal basis upon which most benevolent groups are based. Many Odd Fellow lodges were mainstays to members’ existence years ago, but now they are only casual destinations, with little or no import to the members. In fact, a survey 100 years ago to your members would have emphasized the necessity of the lodges, while today that necessity has pretty much vanished entirely. While some wealthy may act like they don’t even see the rationale for a poor member to join a lodge, the poor or hungry member may see the lodge as some small bit of possible joy, some shred of dignity in an otherwise hobbled existence, what 100 years ago was a home away for most members from their dire state of life. Clearly, we can’t sustain members in their daily lives, but if we are announcing that only rich people are welcome, only wealthy people can run for positions, only retired people with little or no life remaining should feel the need to join than surely our order is doomed. We can’t expect our order to survive by just pandering to the rich, which is actually anathema to our original ideals. This is not negative thinking. It is negative thinking directly at those who want nothing more than to command the universe by virtue of owning it. Of course, this never happens and is its own form of self delusion.

Think on what you might consider if you were actually on your own deathbed. It will inevitably happen. I have been at people’s sides when they have had a philosophical reawakening when it was far beyond too late. There is little or no doubt the thing that you would not recall would be money. Rather, it would be the friends you may have been blessed with, and the good times you may have had. In this era where money seems a weapon, and little else, if we truly want to save our order we need to look at those who are perhaps less fortunate and see the world through their eyes. For those of you who profess to be religious – Jesus Christ says “‘Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God”. Rich people tend to define this statement as being mythical to those times. Other religions have similar passages. For those of you who profess to be great definers of our order – The IRS says “To be exempt under Internal Revenue Code (IRC), a fraternal beneficiary society, order, or association must meet the following requirements: … It must provide for the payment of life, sick, accident or other benefits to the members of such society, order, or association or their dependents. Mar 23, 2016.” Rich people like to re-define this statement by disputing whether or not we are even fraternal. Of course, if we no longer feel like helping our fellow man we are clearly not being fraternal in its core definition.

So we have lost Odd Fellow members and continue to lose members because many of us have forgotten or neglected to remember the basic parameters of our order. If we allow only those with money to run for office, we ignore the reality around us. If we allow only those with money to be members, we are ignorant of the tent cities that surround us. Just as we now almost all logically decry prejudice of race, sexual orientation, and moral precept, we must also accept the lowly as well as the wealthy among us. If we don’t we are really only hastening our own demise. I often ask Odd Fellow members what happens to our order when they leave the order, and they invariably respond – who cares? If we truly love our fraternal and benevolent order, then we should care that it continues on without us.

In Friendship, Love, and Truth, Rick Boyles

City of Davis to Celebrate 100th Anniversary

In 2017, the City of Davis will celebrate its Centennial – 100 years as a California City, having formed as “Davisville” in 1917 – and the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge will participate in the year-long ceremony.  The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge has played a significant role in the history of Davis.  In fact, the first “Mayor” of Davis was a member of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge.   John B. Anderson was the 127th signatory in the register of all members of the Lodge.  

John B. Anderson served on the Board of Trustees, the City of Davis’s first form of city government, from 4/20/1917 to 11/20/1917. Anderson served as President of the Board, akin to the Mayor, in 1917. He ran the Davisville Cash Store until 1910. He also helped found the Bank of Davis, which was located at the corner of 2nd and G Streets in downtown Davis. While the site has not housed a bank since 1971, the two-story Anderson Bank Building, named for John Anderson, remains in its original site. John B. Anderson, along with his brother A. Gordon Anderson, operated the Anderson Ranch (located on today’sAnderson Road, which is named for the family) and a number of businesses in the City of Davis. Davis Ace, aka Davis Lumber & Hardware, which today is run by John’s grandniece, Jennifer Anderson, has been in the Anderson family for more than 100 years.

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge actually predated the formation of the City of Davis.   The Lodge was chartered in April of 1870.  In those days, it was called the “Yolo Lodge” because the City of Davis had not yet been created.   The first Lodge Hall was on G Street, which at the time, was the heart of the town.  The current Odd Fellows Lodge was built in 1955 and is located on 2nd Street. 

Join the Davis Encampment

Dear Odd Fellows,

If you have all your Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169 degrees (Initiatory Degree, Degree of Friendship, Degree of Love, and Degree of Truth) then you are eligible to take the next step in Odd Fellowship by joining Davis Encampment #21. I’m pleased to say that the Davis Encampment is offering a Degree Night where you can earn all three degrees in the Encampment (Patriarchal Degree, Golden Rule Degree, and Royal Purple Degree) in one evening. It’s a rare opportunity and it’s coming up on Wednesday, March 1, starting at 7 p.m. in the Upper Hall of the Lodge.

Davis Encampment #21 was instituted in 1955 (over 60 years ago). There are only 11 active Encampments in the State of California. We are fortunate to have one in Davis. Currently, we have 35 members*, led in 2017 by Chief Patriarch Tony Pruitt. Tony has assigned me to be the Degree Captain on March 1. We are one of the two largest Encampments in California and we are a very active Encampment. We have adopted the mission of providing financial help to children from low income Davis families so that they can have a summer camp or other summer experience. We provide the families with subsidies and scholarships for this purpose. We have provided this community service for many years now for a large number of children. The Davis Encampment meets once each month immediately following the Odd Fellows Lodge Saturday breakfast meeting. Dues are $45 per year; there is no additional fee to obtain the degrees.

And if you join the Encampment, you get to wear (if you wish) the much coveted purple and gold fez. In Odd Fellowship only members of the Encampment are permitted to wear the fez.

If YOU have your Odd Fellows degrees and are interested in joining the Encampment and receiving your Encampment Degrees on March 1, please e-mail me no later than next Thursday, February 23, and let me know and we will make arrangements to bring you into the Encampment fold.

F – H – C

Dave Rosenberg
Past Chief Patriarch

* Current Members of Davis Encampment #21:

Tony Pruitt, Chief Patriarch
Mary Superak, Senior Warden
Doug Hatton, Junior Warden
Joel Mandel, Scribe
Janis Rosenberg, Treasurer
Lea Rosenberg, Financial Scribe
Jim Cheney, High Priest
Robb White, Guide
Dave Rosenberg, First Watch
Kurt Roggli, Second Watch
Bob Bockwinkel, Third Watch
Sharla Cheney, Fourth Watch
Sheryl Cambron, Inside Sentinel
Dennis Corcoran, Outside Sentinel
Diane Steele
Cathy Aubill
Arun Sen
Lin Spangler
Chuck White
Bob Schelen
Dave Reed
Juelie Roggli
James Bledsoe
Duff Devine
Jeff Munoz
Claudia Lowe
Michael Lowe
Sue Treadwell
Tony Marigo
Charles Filmer
Sarah Worley
Steve Lopez
Christopher Young
Don Pixton
Darrell Pereira

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