Davis Odd Fellows Officers Installed

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169 installed their officer for 2017 on the evening of January 21, 2017. The installing officials were Deputy Grand Master Dave Reed (far left in the photo) and Past Grand Master Dave Rosenberg (far right in the photo), both members of Davis Lodge #169. The elected officers of the Lodge are picture left to right: Financial Secretary Duff Devine, Treasurer Janis Rosenberg, Secretary Jim Smith, Noble Grand Stewart Savage, and Vice Grand James Bledsoe.

In addition to the elected officers, the appointed officers of the Lodge were installed. Appointed officers by the Noble Grand: Warden Richard Watson, Conductor Sharla Cheney, Right Supporter of the Noble Grand Dave Reed, Left Supporter of the Noble Grand Tony Pruitt, Chaplain David Cougevan, Inside Guardina Mary Parton, Outside Guardian Aaron Wedra, Right Scene Supporter Beth Dovi, Left Scene Supporter Bob Dovi, Musician Kurt Roggli, Color Bearer Matthew Elliott. Appointed officers by the Vice Grand: Right Supporter of the Vice Grand Dawn Coder, Left Supporter of the Vice Grand David Zavatson.

Over 70 members of the Davis Lodge, plus applicants and friends, attended the Installation Ceremony, and enjoyed a dinner of polenta pesto and bacon-wrapped chicken, rice and seasonal vegetables prepared by Lodge Catering. The Installation Ceremony dinner and entertainment was coordinated by 2016 Noble Grand Jean-Paul Montreuil and Roberta Savage.

The 2016 Noble Grand Jean-Paul Montreuil presented awards for service to the Lodge and the community in 2016. Over a dozen superlative members of the Lodge received Merit Jewels. In addition, major awards were given to exceptionally active members: the annual “Member of the Year” award was presented to Juelie and Kurt Roggli, the annual “Noble Grand’s Award” was presented to Janis Rosenberg, and the annual “Spirit Award” was presented to Ed Lewis.

Davis Odd Fellows Thursday Live February 2017

After a winter holiday break Davis Odd Fellows Thursday Live! is back on February 2nd with an evening of Old Timey Americana music. Meredith Axelrod is back for her annual show at the hall. Opening the show will be Keith Cary with Tarek Isham

Meredith Axelrod is delightfully engaging and unassumingly comic. She envisions the limitless potential of early twentieth century music, whether it be Ragtime, Music Hall, Pop Standard, Boogie Woogie, Tin Pan Alley, String band, Jazz, Country, Blues or even Jug Band music, and embodies the spirit that brought the music into existence in the first place. Her vocal style is unusual, probably because she learned to sing by listening to how folks did it a century ago – through the medium of cylinders and 78-rpm records.

Opening the show will be Keith Cary with Tarek Isham. It’s always a pleasure when Keith Cary comes to the Hall alone or with another musician he’s introducing to us.

Keith Cary has played around the Davis and Winters area for many years. Keith plays steel guitar, mandolin, cello, string bass and harmonica, and builds many of the instruments he plays. Some of the groups he’s performed or recorded with are; Jolie Holland, Miss Lonely Hearts, John Tchicai, Devil Makes Three, The Cheap Suit Serenaders, and Axelrod, Cary and Foss. When not playing for an audience he builds and repairs musical instruments at his home in Winters.

Tarek Isham will join Cary on stage for this show. Isham found his musical voice while living in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward, where music and creativity make daily and deep impressions. Four years ago, he moved back to Clyde Park, Montana to help his mother with her Quarter Horse Ranch and to pursue an education in veterinary medicine, which has subsequently brought him to Davis, California. Before moving, he played many nights and weekends in the Bozeman area in a duo called Cottonwood Line. Tarek plays guitar, harmonica, foot-pedal drums and sings songs in country, blues, gospel and folk styles. Look for live shows and an upcoming demo album under the name Doc Tari, which was the name of a famous Quarter Horse.

Odd Fellows Classic Film Festival – February 2017

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge “Classic Film Festival” returns in February with three classics of the science fiction genre. The featured films will be shown on three successive Sunday evenings – February 5, 12 and 19. The selected classics are Things to Come, The Man in the White Suit, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. All films are shown on the large screen projection system at the Odd Fellows Lodge Hall, 415 2nd Street, Downtown Davis. Doors open at 6:29 p.m. and showtime is at 7:01 p.m. The public is cordially invited and there is no admissions charge. Before each film is played noted film reviewer Derrick Bang will give the audience the back-story of the film, the actors and director. After the showing, Derrick Bang will be available to answer audience questions.

Things to Come is a 1936 British black-and-white film written by H.G. Wells and starring Raymond Massey. The film sets out a future history from 1940 to 2054. It turned out to be a very popular film at the British box office in 1935-36. A science fiction historian has stated, “Things to Come qualifies as the first true masterpiece of science fiction cinema.” The film was influential in later films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey. Things to Come will be the first film in the series, showing on February 5.

The Man in the White Suit is a quirky 1951 science fiction satirical comedy, starring Alec Guinness. It explores the theme of the common man against the establishment. Alec Guinness portrays a young chemist who develops and invents a cloth with special qualities – resulting in both expected and unintended consequences. The Man in the Whit Suit will be shown on February 12.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a 1956 American science fiction horror film. Part of it is shot in “film noir” style. Starring Kevin McCarthy, the film is about an alien invasion of earth. Extraterrestrial space spores have fallen to earth and develop pods, each one capable of developing a duplicate human being. The film is preserved in the national film registry as “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant.” Invasion of the Body Snatchers appears on many lists of the “best science fiction”, as well as the “best horror” films of all time. This film will be shown on February 19.

“We are delighted to bring back these classic films for the enjoyment of the public,” said Classic Film Festival Chair Dave Rosenberg. “Classic Science Fiction is an especially engaging genre because here we are in the present showing past films that are all about the future. It results in an existential and delightful journey for the audience. We welcome the community to our Lodge to enjoy these classic bonbons.”

The Davis Odd Fellows began their Classic Film series in the Spring of 2014, showing three classic films of a certain genre during each series. The series has been repeated every Spring and every Winter since 2014. The series this February featuring Classic Science Fiction will be the 7th chapter of the series. The six previous chapters featured: Academy Award Best Picture Films, Classic Westerns, Classic Courtroom Dramas, Classic Film Noir, Classic Screwball Comedies, and Classic Comedies.

In addition to the screening of these classic films, the Odd Fellows provide free popcorn to patrons. A no-host bar is also available before and during the screenings featuring wine, beer on tap, soft drinks and water, and a full array of mixed drinks.

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge has been a fixture in Davis since it was instituted in 1870. The Lodge has resided at its present location on 2nd Street for the past 62 years. The Davis Odd Fellows is a fraternal association of men and women, currently with 259 members. It is the largest Odd Fellows Lodge in California. The Lodge engages in many activities supporting the community in addition to the Classic Film Festival. Some of those activities include the Davis Chocolate Festival, A Taste of Davis, Breakfast with Santa, Breakfast with the Bunny, the Picnic Day Pancake Breakfast, the Texas Hold ’em Poker Tournament, monthly second Sunday Bingo for the community, and “Thursday Live!” monthly musical entertainment at the Lodge, among others. More information on the Davis Odd Fellows can be obtained at www.davislodge.org.


2016 a Year of Achievement: Odd Fellows Community Support Committee

20 Community Groups Benefited By Davis Odd Fellows

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge Community Support Committee issued it’s year-end report on charitable giving report showing benefits to 20 community and charitable groups.

In 2016, the Odd Fellows Community Support Committee donated $5,100 to 13 community and charitable groups, and also permitted an additional 7 community groups to use the Odd Fellows Lodge Hall without charge in co-hosted events. The Odd Fellows Community Support Committee was created 12 years ago and has been providing financial and other benefits to local groups every year. Long time Co-Chairs of the Community Support Committee are Lea Rosenberg and Holly Bishop. Said Co-Chair Rosenberg: “Over the past dozen years, through our Community Support Committee, the Davis Odd Fellows have been able to provide well over $60,000 in funds for local organizations which serve the needs of our town and our county. The free use of our Lodge Hall for community groups to hold their fundraising events has provided a similar in-kind level of contribution. Odd Fellows are proud of our work to support and elevate the good in our community.”

The following community and charitable groups received direct financial donations in 2016:

  • Partners in Education – Newspapers in Education – $500
  • Yolo County Healthy Aging Alliance – $500
  • Community Meals and Housing – $500
  • Best Buddies (supporting young people with needs) – $500
  • Running with the Turkeys (Yolo Food Bank) – $500
  • Don Saylor’s Soups On – $500
  • Unleashing the Possibilities (building a new animal shelter) – $500
  • United in Unity (helping teenagers) – $500
  • Davis Phoenix Coalition (anti-bullying) – $300
  • NAMI (assisting persons with mental illness) – $250
  • Yolo County Mexican-American Concilo – $250
  • Davis High School Jazz Choir – $150
  • City of Davis Volunteer Day – $150

The following local groups were permitted to use the Odd Fellows Lodge Hall for their events without paying any rental fee:

  • Davis High School Madrigals
  • University Covenant Nursery School
  • Davis High School Softball
  • Yolo Community Care Continuum
  • Yolo Healthy Aging
  • KDRT Radio
  • Davis High School Water Polo

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge provides direct and indirect support to the community through the work of many committees, including the Community Support Committee, but also the Bingo Committee, the Social Services Committee, the Adopt-a-Highway Committee, the Classic Films Committee, the Taste of Davis Committee, the Breakfast with Santa Committee, the Chocolate Festival Committee, the Breakfast with the Bunny Committee, and many others. Davis Odd Fellows were established in 1870 and have resided in their current Lodge Hall on Second Street since 1955. Currently, there are 259 members of the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge, with 18 applicants for membership. More information about the Davis Odd Fellows can be found at www.davislodge.org.

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Odd Fellows Bingo Committee Announces Major Contributions

The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge announced it’s 2016 contributions to various local charitable and community groups from Odd Fellows Bingo totaled $8,374. Odd Fellows Bingo is run by the Lodge’s Bingo Committee, chaired by Jean-Paul Montreuil and Robb White in 2016, and staffed by a group of Odd Fellow Lodge volunteers. “We have been running Bingo for the community for over eight years now,” said Co-chair Jean-Paul Montreuil, “and we are so pleased that we can offer Bingo in Davis for the community’s enjoyment, as well as provide financial support for the wonderful charitable organizations that support those in need. 2016 was our best year yet.”

It is estimated that over the last eight years, the Bingo Committee has provided well over $50,000 in charitable contributions to community groups.

Bingo is offered to the public every second Sunday of every month at the Odd Fellows Lodge Hall, 415 2nd Street, with doors opening at 12 noon and Bingo beginning at 1 p.m. Typically, 15 games are played and Bingo ends around 4 p.m. Players can win $50 or $60 in a game, and $250 in the final Blackout Bingo game. In addition to Bingo, the Odd Fellows offer instant winner “pull-tabs” where players can win up to $100. Wine, beer and soft drinks are available at the snack bar at reasonable prices, as are hot doors, nachos and other treats. Coffee is provided to players free of charge. Every month the Bingo Committee of the Odd Fellows Lodge chooses a beneficiary of the proceeds that month. All proceeds (after winner payouts) are paid to the monthly beneficiary. During 2016, the following 12 beneficiaries received donations from the Odd Fellow:

January – Team Davis $1,287.00
February – Davis High School Madrigals $675.25
March – Team BaldFellows $312.50
April – ALS of Greater Sacramento $771.50
May – NAMI-Yolo $571.50
June – Empower Yolo/Center for Families $350.26
July – Davis Encampment #21 $878.00
August – Yolo Community Care Continuum $436.60
September – Elderly Nutrition Program $387.00
October – Soroptimists of Davis $857.85
November – Yolo Hospice $507.50
December – SPCA $1,339.85

TOTAL $8,374.81

Bingo will next be offered on Sunday, January 8, benefiting Team Davis. Bingo is open to the community, but only adults can be present on the Bingo floor.

Eight years ago, the Davis City Council approved the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge to run Bingo for the community. The Odd Fellows are the only organization in Davis that has the distinction to run legal Bingo within the city limits. The Davis Odd Fellows Lodge was instituted and chartered in 1870. Currently, the Lodge has 259 members with 19 applicants for membership. In addition to the contributions to the community provided by the Bingo Committee, the Davis Odd Fellows Lodge provides numerous other financial contributions through its Community Support Committee, the Davis Chocolate Festival Committee, the Taste of Davis Committee, the Breakfast with the Bunny Committee, and others.

Breakfast with Santa bring the Holidays to downtown Davis

On December 10, 2016, Davis Odd Fellows Lodge #169 hosted it’s 11th annual “Breakfast with Santa” at the Lodge Hall. Some 360 children, parents and grandparents, enjoyed a home-cooked breakfast, quality time with Santa, a goodie-packed packed with gifts and surprises, and a stuffed animal. Happy faces and smiles all around. Over 35 members and applicants for membership to the Davis Lodge provided the volunteer support for this very popular event. Tickets to Breakfast with Santa sold out in two weeks. Special thanks to our long-time Santa, Doug Hatton. And thank you again to long-time co-chairs Lea Rosenberg and Barb Geisler for another successful event.

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